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Environmental Policy

Over the past few months we have been trying to make our products and packaging more eco friendly.



We’ve almost phased out plastic/cello bags. When we do need to bag something, we use clear bags made from potato and corn starch which are fully compostable.

Pretty wrapped parcels are lovely but what happens to all that paper we’ve wrapped your goodies in? It gets thrown away or recycled. We’ve decided it’s much better to reduce it instead, that way there’s much less paper waste.


We’re trying to use many different alternatives to bubble wrap padded envelopes. Most products are quite safely transported across the world in cardboard packaging. We haven’t managed to eliminate the use of bubble wrap envelopes totally but we have made a big reduction.


We are trying to use more environmentally friendly manufacturers. We’re producing more pins printed on responsibly sourced wood instead of enamel pins which are made in China and have to be shipped half way across the world. Our acrylic pins and keyrings are now made from recycled plastic.

Please recycle!

These are just a few of the things that we’re trying to do to make a difference to our impact on the world.

Please try and reuse or recycle your packaging that you receive from us if you can. Thank you!!

We ship worldwide!

We ship worldwide!

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